Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tardiness - No excuses/Apple Cobbler & More

Good Evening Friends,

So while I have been absent and neglected my dear blog I must confess that it was mostly out of my hands. You see - life & death has never been more transparent to me. I good friend lost his 18 year old son and despite this individuals charismatic personality and talent for living . . he is no longer with us. On the other hand - my sister gave birth to twins . . so innocent and unaware to anything beyond the primal instincts of survival. Which brings us to business and my own personal life and the very interactions, relationships and acquaintances that bring meaning to life.

Heavy month - yes! On a lighter note . . the Social Season will be posting on our website within the next week, people are getting engaged left and right and Chi Cuisine is on the verge of launching into a neighboring store near you! I could write more, should write more . . . but the wine is going to my head (ok, let's be honest - I started off with some 18yr old McCallan Scotch) and there's warm apple cobbler in the oven waiting to tantalize my taste buds.

with Culinary Blessings,

Chef Scotty

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wedding Season has arrived . . .

What a day today! It seems as if the veil has been lifted, the frost is melting and with it a new Spring horizon heralding the comforts of new business . . . business in the form of Southern California Weddings! It happens nearly every year and yet every year I struggle to transition from "walking" to "running" as the Holiday season subsides to the most active interest from brides searching out the perfect caterer to create her dream wedding. And what an honor and pleasure it is . . . sure there is always the occasional bridezilla but they are but far and few between the many wonderful individuals I have come to know personally and professionally in this industry.

While we are on the tone of blessings . . I think it be appropriate that we introduce a few of the other characters make this recklessly, loveably, organic catering company tick.

(while code names are not necessary, the are most certainly appropriate)

"Princess Kakis" is by very nature the operator of this steamship. Guiding with intelligence, precision and logical by every maneuver. Caring most often but certainly able to calculate the most discerning strike when needed. She makes a mean chicken pot pie, adores the color purple and truly deserves a true gentlemen by here side {I probably wouldn't qualify for this role} Without her by my side . . I would forever be the fool!

"Fluff Mister Flex" this gentleman is but a spitting image of me . . . wait, no he's not: he's hairy {and I'm not talking about the head}, a solid 175 lbs of extra lovin, an attitude of defiance {ok - we're similar here} and livin la vida loca! Just the same - he is an incredible chef when he puts his heart to it and that's most often. Loyal, dedicated . . he is appreciated.

"Priceless" and as this very name suggests . . she is absolutely priceless to me probably more so personally than professionally as she provides the daily stability & support that gives me the foundation to reach for higher ground. Much as a marriage - we have our share of petty quarrels but the laughter and love far out weighs and tears shed. This one loves to permeate quality cuisine with ketchup and despises cilantro . . and for that I can never truly forgive her but she makes up for it by limitless loads of laundry & dishwashing:)

Money . . he doesn't have it, make it but he's genuine through and through. Perhaps his secondary name is more appropriate "T-Bone" The kind of guy that you could call at 3am in the morning to fix a flat on your Uhaul and then travel together towards your destination just to help unpack all of your belongings into a new home in the middle of a snowstorm. Good guy, great server and not such a bad bartender.

Mr.Man - Come think of it . . I really didn't have a name for this newly promoted leader of the great culinary family of "ChileCo" But it fits - he's always smiling, always has a great attitude and more than your average man. He is afterall being groomed to be "da Man" in running the front show. A lot of promise with this one!

Well - it' looks like I'll have to cut things off here as I have yet again used up all available space in my writings (first Twitter, then Facebook . . and now my Blog!) - I'm going to have to invent something new. Till tomorrow my friends and collegues.
with Culinary Blessings,
Chef Scotty

Sunday, January 3, 2010

There went the NY's resolution . . .

Well it was bound to happen but who would have guessed my third day at blogging and I failed to report. Forgiveness of self is a value near and dear to my heart, henceforth I will make every effort moving forward to enter in this daily journal (I guess that's what this is turning out to be)

My reasoning behind missing January 2nd were clearly do to the activities of a young gentlemen "releasing" . . yes, that's good word for it. Today, I was awoken by my mother flying in from Wisconsin to assist my sister in raising the newly born twins. I was quite pleased to learn that my mother had extended my services as a taxi to a complete stranger needing to travel to the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Beach. You see, the woman that raised me is not the spontaneous type, as a matter of fact, she is extremely conservative and cherishes her "worries". And for that reason - I am quite proud of her; although she could have selected a companion with a little more posh (instead I was "stuck" with a 63 year old financial planner.

After having visited my sister and the new infants, Logan & Lily . . I headed back down to the kitchen in San Marcos and couldn't help but ponder my life, the adorably innocent twins, and a movie that I recently saw at the theaters . . . Avatar. I am certain many of you have heard nothing but rave reviews regarding this Sci-fi thriller in 3-D - and I can authenticate this movie is nothing less than stunning. A true escape for some and yet instinctively and truly it is quite saddening. After all, it closely resembles our past as the conquistadors (our ancestors) of Spain, England, France & Portugal and how they pillaged these very lands inhabited by humans that co-existed with their environment. I have only the utmost respect for mother nature, gaea, earth, home . . and in embracing this new year I am inspirated with the desire to witness great change towards a resolution . . there is a problem afterall . . unfortunately it's us! Tomorrow is a Monday and Monday's always hold so much potential for the actions that follow in the coming days. Have a great week and give Lefty's pizza a try if you haven't already - best pizza I've tasted in town!

with Culinary Blessings,

Chef Scotty

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bubbles, Hangovers & Resolutions

Good Afternoon & Welcome to 2010 - Year of the Tiger . . . at least for most. Ironically, I don't think this is going to be the highlight of Tiger Woods career.

Last night was interesting to say the least - the fingerling potato hash needed some lovin but with a little cuban sofrito some pickled pipin apples & the culinary salvation tool of all - BUTTER . . it turned out damn good! The veal cutlets were perfectly cooked and that sauce in its own was one of the best picattas every! Kudos to my team & farewells to my old chef who's last day was yesterday. You see - it really isn't easy to work for me in the kitchen. I have been called the "Rambo of Catering" and compared to Chef Ramses from "Hells Kitchen"

Catering in it's own is nothing more than cooking with extreme variables: different kitchen, different menu (at least with us as we customize most menus to our client), different staff, different weather, different equipment, different dining setup, different rental companies . . . and each one of those differences has the potential to explode in your face with chaos like a bottle of club soda that has been shaked to the core. Problem solving is a must and it most very often must be accomplished with very little. Case in point - I needed a vegan dessert on the fly . . I had tangerines with mum florets crammed into it as a tray garnish so . . I quickly hollowed it out, got some champagne from the bar & mixed in a little remaining raspberry fruit compote and suddenly had a chilled berry-champagne soup. Seriously- vegan requests at a New Years Eve party? Challenging to say the least.

Any the Blue Moon . . one of my servers told me it only happens every 19 years and that it was the first time it had happened on New Years? I don't know if there is any truth to this - but I very much hope it so!

To conclude: One of my New Years Resolutions is to write on/in/for this blog every day. I am still contemplating to what nature this journal is to take particularly with regards to how much personal life shall be interwoven within the fabric of this words but for now . . I'm content with establishing a routine and sharing tidbits as the pop into my head.

With that said, I raise my glass full of good intentions for all and say cheers! Cheers to 2010 and the world of possibilities that it holds.

with Culianry Blessings,

Chef Scotty