Thursday, April 29, 2010

Slipping . . .

Slipping away at this blog . . damn it! Never enough time in the day - Have a party for LUX tonight had a party at FLUXX last night! Food was pretty damn good although it never seems like Anti-pasti is eaten.

So it's Thursday already - so much to do and our lovely Inta's B-day is tomorrow! Amazing woman that I am so very, very grateful to have in my life and running this business. ChileCo is growing in such good way now - fine tuning. Makes you take a deep breath.

Breath . . .

More to come with the balance and harmony of some freetime next week:)


Monday, April 26, 2010

lemon verbena tree of the Gods

So my culinary word of the day reminds of something special in San Francisco. I moved into a Victorian home with a rather dilapidated backyard sporting a little pond overgrown with foilage and much to my admiration . . a lemon verbena tree! Being that this plant is in fact a shrub it - this old world herb must have been at least 70 years old . amazing! I trimmed it up to look like a bonsai tree . . wish I had a picture to show you!

Missed Sunday's blog - organized my office in preparation of a busy week and all of these side projects going on. Slow to move right now but imagine my mind and spirit will be up to full par by tomorrow:)


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Elfish Evidence of young jedi Knights.

That was my little facebook entry word today . . I don't know how it comes up with these random ass words. God forbid anyone not have 20/20 vision . . I don't know how they would be able to translate these every so obtuse words.

Beautiful day today - wedding for 140 in Fairbanks Ranch for an amazing client. I tell yah - it's so refreshing to have those clients that realize the value of our services and caliber of cuisine . who don't finagle on pricing and let ChileCo deliver what we are all about! Refreshing it is my young padwans! (in yogasense)

Let's see . . tomorrow . . I do believe the journal entry of 2010 will make it's way to this blog until then I bid you an relaxing Saturday. Do something just for yourself today - walk the beach, read a book, find a paintbrush . . or head down to the Little Italy Farmers market and shop for an amazingly organic dinner.

Chef Scotty

Friday, April 23, 2010


After much thought, too much talk . . it's time at last that things start becoming what they will. I speak of objects, destinations, desires . . all related to my profession as a chef and my purpose as an individual.

The conquest of conclusions - that's what this is all about. I'm not here to preach but to relate a message . . somehow - gotta make profit along the way. Trials and tribulations of how best to navigate the course - for certain.

This isn't my declaration of April 22nd . . the mood just isn't there yet and very well might not be for sometime. Only when its right will it transpire but in the meantime . . . I'm going to finally stamp a damn tatoo on my body.

Till Saturday - Scotty

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yesterday of Today

Morning - yesterday being today for tomorrow being my birthday. I don't enjoy purchased gifts - never have. I was always the one to make them and now that I'll be turning 34 . . I really am more about reflection than celebration on the day to come.
But we're not there yet - tomorrow will be a fairly extensive journal entry as well as our newsletter which will be coming out shortly (I know y'all been waiting a bit).

This duplication thing is slowly but surely coming together . . I great new kitchen team forming underfoot as I venture to flow more than fight my way to the top! Catering an event for the Aztecs Basketball bank account today - the panini's are off the hook and as I recalibrate our menu's continually . . I must say they are exceptional.

lemon pugliese bread, spicy black walnuts, triple cream brie, granny smith apple
and . . .
rosemary-olive oil bread, sliced prime rib, onion rings, creole dijon, smoked prov

Not a whole lot rolling around in my head this morning just anticipation of togetherness . . the collective consciousness . . drive onward, upward and forward towards the manifestation of what we know to be as "success" & "happiness"

Today - I give you 26 devote followers a gnome to bless your soulful inner garden!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clash of the Pretzels & a Stump

Morning - So yesterday I actually had a few moments (let's round it up to 3 hours) for myself as a tasting was postponed for two weeks. I quite literally didn't know what to do with myself and then spontaneously decided I would run out the door to make the 5:15 showing of Clash of the Titans. Only problem was that the gas was low and it was 5:17pm at that very moment . . after speeding my way there - it dawned upon me.

How was this relaxing rushing to a movie . . that's all I seem to do is rush and this whole health thing is suppose to involve "slowing" things. It was beautiful outside & I made the call to see the later show and just enjoy the weather a bit.

On my way home I passed a sign "free" with a large 200lb stump. I screeched to a halt and somehow managed to maneuver this ancient art piece of the forest into Anytime (my van). A gift - and now a little "living" coffee table for my living room.

At the movies - I really wanted to stick with my regimen of health . . so I picked up a water and in the spirit of the moment - ordered a salted pretzel with cheese & jalapeno. In the theater it occurred to me as I attempted in finagling the process of eating this thing . . what in the hell were they thinking. I mean I know nachos & pretzels & whatever the hell variation of cheese this was "suppose" to be are high profit margin items but lord help me it was more labor intensive then giving birth to triplets just to get the damn pretzel to my mouth. And what of all the cheese split onto the furniture . . surely there most be reminisces of aging cheese wiz solidified within each square inch of fabric? Perhaps it's time we revamp our modern day Movie for practicality of eating and maybe less noise??? Somehow I managed not to spill any but I bet my neighbor laquered his lovers lap a plenty with yellow dye number 9.

The movie was great . . inspiring as I approach my birthday and rejuvenated vision of my purpose, my business and my . . . chi. The actually living of what I preach. Have a great Wednesday

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pretty in Pink & MACY's Cooking Classess

Monday is here & with a 5:25 alarm so feverently rocking my eardrums I am slightly rested for a very, very, very full week:)

So, I probably should have posted that my cooking class on Point Loma's Sea Adventurer ("Day at the Docks" yesterday) was free. Slipped my mind so apologies to all that missed my little show on some fun ways to prepare shrimp. I must say that my lavender-saffron-apricot shrimp souvide was nothing short of an erotic party on the tongue!

Sidenote: Good peoples - isn't life so enjoyable when our encounters so happen to grace us with genuine people . . willing to help, offering free smiles and ever so lightly nourishing that feeling . . that feeling that there is goodness and hope.

Macy's - oh boy . .. y'all ready for this: The Journey starts right after the Torrey Pines Social. 4 part cooking classes highlighting cuisines from around the globe. We are so confident that you'll walk away over-satisfied that we will be offering a money back guarantee if you don't walk away inspired & carrying newly discovered knowledge of how to be the best chef you can be!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shrimply Exhaustion - Passionate Recipe

2 1/2 hours sleep - off to Day of Docks to cook up some shrimp recipes with San Diego's infamous Fisherman Tommy Gomes of Catalina Offshore . . recipe of Passionfruit Shrimp Ceviche:

Chef Scotty’s Passionfruit Shrimp Ceviche Recipe:
The essence of the dish is to make ceviche by means of mostly passionfruit juice which is near equal in acidity to lime juice. Whence the shrimpies have turned pink your ceviche is done so I recommend make this the night before . . of course if you’re using Catalina Offshore you could eat the little succulent crustaceans right out of the buckt

Buckets of Peeled, Deveined, Chopped Shrimps
4 Mangoes – Diced
4 Red Bell Peppers – Diced
3 Red Onion - Diced
2 Bunches of Cilantro – Rough Chop
1 Bunch of Mint – Rough Chop
2 Cups of Passionfruit Juice (available at Specialty Produce)
1 Cup of Lime Juice
½ Cup of Pineapple Juice
Honey & Salt & Chile of Choice . . . to Taste Baby!

Instructions: Combine all ingredients and be certain the shrimps are covered by the liquid if not feel free to add more lime juice as necessary. Finish with honey or mango nectar (kerns will be just fine) and salt to taste remembering that the acid will directly effect the perception of saltiness. Serve with Tortilla Chips, Plantain Tostones or I like to pour this seductive shrimp concoction over a fruit sorbet like Blood Orange, Mango or Lime. Super refreshing & super easy to prepare.

*Much like Catalina Offshore offering the freshest Seafood in San Diego; Specialty Produce is available for walkin customers and carries the “perfect puree” containers of passionfruit concentrate.

Enjoy - xo
Chef Scotty

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday on the Approach . . .

Exhaustion makes this man incapable of executing a proper journal but the routine is there! Reading a book by John Grisham right now (set down the culinary history book for the moment). So let's think Tangerine Zest petite Creme Brulee's & Smoked Tomato-Fennel sauce with Adriatic Sea Salt-Horseradish crusted Prime Rib cause it's Judy's 50th B-day!

I don't about y'all . . but things have picked up considerably here at ChileCo and a more refined team is in development (never as fast as I'd like but building non-the less!). Coffee is back on for the moment but still cleansing in stage 1! I gentleman purchased a bottle of Glenlivet 12 year old Scotch in front of me in the grocery story . . and let me tell you - that little pimped out devil sitting on my shoulder was yanking my lower ear lobe and whispering sweet nothings of McCallan memories. Thank goodness I've promoted my mini Angel - Meurice of the Coriander Order.

It's perplexing and yet invigorating all in the same - health is a necessity especially if I am to accomplish my self-appointed destiny (or at least slow the process of greying & facial wrinkles)

Happy Saturday to All - I'll be sure to leave leftovers in the fridge:)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Chayote Coyote

Chayote is delicious - fond memories of it in Costa Rica! Kind of a squash of sorts but with mild flavors that are semi-sweet. The South calls if Mirilton others Christophene and well . . Latin America has more names for it than the octo-moms family!

Usually acid and spice bring this signature squash to life and it works great for a healthy substitute in making potato salad. It's early, only sipped away at my green tea a bit(have to buy some quality stuff soon!). So . . .

Dance with daisies, breath with gratitude, laugh like John Candy & mostly enjoy your days from Sunrise to Sunset.

Till more awakened thoughts of callous enscriptures,

Chef Scotty

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moxy Me Baby to Greek Tapenade?

Detox away Baby - on day four of no spirited beverage consumption, shoveling spinach down my throat like nobodies business and preparing for the next level . . or dear g'd . . exercise!

Many a folks wonder how I keep slim as a chef . . but trust me, there hides a wee little Wallaby pouch at the foot of my chest. If I still lived in Wisconsin things would be a different story . . we live in California and with that comes the health conscious mind, awareness of our physique and let's face it . . far more judgment both personally and from those that have made gawking & talking a profession of ordainment.

The secret to staying thin - is an insane amount of hours . . that entire caloric intake thingee goes out the window when you're working 18 hours a day:) Of course the proper diet doesn't hurt . . at last the time for 24 hour fitness is upon me!

Tapenade - let's talk about it . . really easy to make if you have a food processor and I made some cappicola, ricotta panini's for an event last night with this delicious tapenade inspired by my own Chimayo Loco chile sauce.

3 Cups of Black Olives, 5 Shallots (or Red Onion), 1 cup of Mint, 3 Tablespoons of Black Pepper, 3 Tablespoons of Olive Oil, Chimayo Loco (or sub a non-garlic based chile sauce like sambal and accent with a touch of honey . . equal portions of chile sauce to honey). Maybe you need my chile sauce to make this work but it was beautiful and tasty as a frozen lollipop on a Arizona dessert day.

Chef Scotty

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Momentum at last . . .

Things are picking up like the gale winds of dew & deforestation before a tornado . . in a good way though. Private parties have spiked, Cooking classes by Chef Scotty on their way . . and at last our little stock market is on the rise. Feel good?

Too much on the plate today, henceforth - bid you a delighted Wednesday and encourage you to check out and the event page . . big things are about to happen:)

Chef Scotty

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nightmare on Shun Street

Behold the craziness that lies within my head . . .I used to have regular nightmares growing up. While other kids nodded off in deep sleep - this little sport here enjoyed nightmares of trick doors & fossil remains chased by the one and only Freddy, artfully floating above ravenous wolfpeople werewolves & some verminous unknown thing that would pull me back to the basement . . I was only able to escape whence in a great while. Ahh to be blessed with endless thoughts & "party people" neurons in my head! So this leads me to where I'm going . . .

I seriously can't believe this - hilarious I guess? So my dream . . .

I am living with my ex-wife (which I have none of course)and her new husband as well as my son (again - no son in this man's future). Somehow I have the smallest room in my own house - shafted! As if remembering from past dreams, I notice several holes in the lower wall and attempt to cover them up before he "awakens" (sometimes this has worked in past nightmares . . roll of the di). After having covered it to the best of my carpenter Bob skills (shoving an old door up against it with some scrappy fiberglass insulation) I go back upstairs and yet have a fairly ominious feeling that it ain't go work - he's coming, he's awake . . we're in deep shit.

Sharing these thoughts with my family - I am looked at as some estranged lunatic. They think it's a joke! Then some poor stranger (maybe my state board of equalization representative:) comes shuffling up the stairs . . and BOOM! I grotesque hand goes punching right through her heart with a a sinister laughter. I rush to grab my son and pull him back. A chuckle from down below and footsteps - I move to sacrifice myself and there he is: Freddy Krueger only a much younger Freddy . . kind of looked like River Phoenix with really bad acne. I ready myself for the battle (knowing that I will only lose) and he raises his knife laden hand . . and what's this . . . homey has style - he's sportin Shun Knives! Then I woke up!

As stated - I claim this blog as my journal, my mind, my transition in bettering myself as not only a chef and entrepreneur but as free spirited artist. Happy Tuesday.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Let it Rain I say . . .

Refreshing to hear the rain last night trickling down the overgrown fava bean stalks outside my bedroom window. Note to any novice gardner - fava bean stalks really need support or they grow in a very mangled, obtuse sort of way. Without much ado - I shamefully admit that I did consume a bloody mary and two margaritas last night . . . it is time for detox in a big way.

Let it Rain I Say. .
So I've made the convergence to green tea this morning and already my morning soul is annoyed in wondering . . where is my decadent Kenyan dark roast adultered with a splash of 79% manufacturer cream?

Open for discussion, consideration: 1.) acupuncture
2.) chinese herbs
3.) workout
4.) jog/hike outdoors
5.) yoga
6.) salad, salad & more salad
7.) ginger tea

Boy that's a list to tackle seeing how I'm not currently involved in any of those activities. Let the games begin!

Happy Monday to All

Sunday, April 11, 2010

La Familia by Uker & Brandy Redemption

Obviously from the hour of this journal entry . . things are slow going this leisure day of Sunday. My tardiness however is quite forgiveable as I hosted my visiting brother & sister law from Wisconsin accompanied by my Sister, Brother in Law and 4 month old twins. Logan & Lily are growing up quickly - Scotty actually learned how to change a diaper and get up at 5:11am for "the feeding" (Sounds like a infantile horror movie).

Keeping things short: cooked my filet mignon burgers again (off the hook!) and made a rhubarb-strawberry crisp with lavender infused cream cheese layer. Delicious and Decadent . . butter-walnut-oat crust & topping lovingly layered with the cooked fruit compote (laced with orange blossom honey) & cream cheese layer.

For breakfast - buttered then broiled Bread at Cie Levain topped with baconized-tarragon scrambled eggs with melted Venissimmo cheeseboard scraps (mimolette, bucheorin and some italian peccorino cheese).

Uker - the best card game in my farmboy opinion (invented in Norway I believe) went well as I played with partners and remained undefeated after 9 games . . going out with a loner hand:)

Brandy consumption was at all time high as it always is with the Wagner family. We get the job done through and through in every way of life. So proud of my brother (father of two!) who is the lead journeyman for the number 1 plumbing outfit in Wisconsin . . and then my sister. Enveloping into such the mother with her twins and let's face it - the brother-in-law is a handful all in his own right.

Work now - thank goodness for those five glasses of water last night & a solid heeping of rhubarb crisp to embolden the brandy whirlwind in my gut:) Bloody Mary's . . think not . . but then again the night is young.

Happy Sunday All - looks like I found time for family afterall:)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lavender Fields Forever

The gametic of gorgeousness . . that's what yesterday was!
After my morning routine I headed down to the savant nightclub Fluxx to meet with their Event Director and review our funky, fresh menu's - the creative element always inspiring. Immediately following my AM appointment I embarked upon a drive up North to Valley Center . . a world away from our downtown urban San Diego sprawl.

Lavender Fields Forever: I passed countless groves of Avocado & Citrus, small side stands sporting locally grown foods forever following the winding roads embroidered by ancient California Oaks and Peppertrees. Eventually I found myself and Anytime (our dedicated Econoline Company Van) traveling a gravel road with enough bumps in it to make me think I had a bad case of hiccups. Another world indeed; I plunged on forward like a pontoon boat in open water channels and eventually descended upon my destination or so I thought . . (damn wrong driveway). Cows, collards, sheep, grapefruit, goats, big ass love laquered bus, hippies . . no this wasn't it but very close indeed. A quick phone call determined that I was situated at the neighbors 100+ acre self sustaining farm (cool all in it's own). Mesmerized, I pulled anytime forward towards the rows of French & English Lavender planted hillside - and their at last, was Alicia Wolff, a South African raised butterfly spirit by true right and owner of the Keys Creek Lavender Farm I had sought out to find.

After quenching my thirst on a little lavender-lemonade and meeting the folks that made this farm operate I went on a tour learning the works of distilling lavender, crafting tallow soaps, tilling the fields of the endeared violet florets and most certainly . . taking in the prospects for events & weddings (yes that's correct - this was to be work after all). Alicia had transformed a neglected agricultural operation into the quaintest, most serene farm of English etiquette! Before leaving a made certain to peruse the little tin roofed gift shop and selected some items all to perfect for my sisters newly hatched twins - score!

With kisses and thanks, Anytime & I rumbled back out the gravel path and made one final pit stop at the Stargazer farmers booth to purchase some liquid vitality (freshly squeezed grapefruit, collards, chard and such), peruse the assortment of Sapote & Loquat trees and in conversing with the Grateful Dead attendant . . I struck up conversation with Kyle, a charming little lady visiting from Chicago that was selling Wisconsin made products & outsourcing organically grown fruits for "Apple & Quince" and "Potters Crackers" How cool was that - made not more than 15 minutes from where I was born! A mere glimpse of the Universe working it's miracles and enlightening my soul . . Scotty's back on track folks!

Keys Creek Lavender Farms: Available to all on Saturdays & Sundays you will certainly enjoy the drive 12460 Keys Creek Road, Valley Center, CA 92082 or call Alicia & Chris at 877-358-0444

Friday, April 9, 2010

Balance to Bordeaux at 57 degrees

Good Morning,
So it goes without saying that a little slowing calms the spirit and I feeling a return to . . . myself I guess? This new founded balance attributed to this very journal, reading at night (just finished up "Cabinet of Curiosities" and now have turned towards a book containing the culinary history of mankind), ambien (for my insomnia . . working towards yoga folks!), changes in my surroundings, and mini moments to myself. By personal belief - the universal will reward my self indulgent efforts with more business . . or at least that is my theory. As my previous analogy to that furry little domesticated rodent in it's ball - I still might be trapped in the ball but I'm jogging and no longer viewing the scenery in a twirling whirlwind of Monet like manner . . I can make out most detail as such have some control of my own destiny and direction.

Bordeaux at 57 Degrees: Ok, so they weren't serving up Bordeaux but none the less this is a very cool venue for sipping some vino with friends whether enjoying the rather expansive patio or sitting around the contemporary rotunda bar inside. I sincerely believe this to be the largest wine bar in San Diego and what made this moment so special was the unplanned reunion with one my dearest friends . . Ms. MBQ & Handsome Hugh. Many of you (ok - again I'm kind of chatting with myself here) would recognize this beautiful lady by her impeccable dress, sophisticated demeanor with comforting Ohio born undertones & most certainly that perfectly quafted scarlet rouge hair. After playing catch up with this two outstanding citizens of San Diego my Ms. Inta and I headed to Shakespeare's Pub . .

What did this culinarian snob order . . kidney-steak pie folks with a side of Coleman's spicy mustard. Yeah, that's right - great food is great food and this was nothing short of fantastic English comfort food all the more better in washing in down with deep dark beer (I'll be damned if I can remember the name - typical English though). Our service was . . well English hospitality - she wasn't sexy by any means; more like upgraded Denny's waitress -a motherly sort with a bit of wit and casualness in her delivery. Good times all around . . returned home to find a container of homemade molasses cookies sitting on my porch. A little thank you from Elaine & Bob (my ever so complacent neighbor's) for dropping off dinner last week. This world has hope afterall!

Happy Friday - Scotty

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Up in the Air

Morning to y'all,
So this entry really hits home - quite literally as a simple movie triggered a movement within my soul. Working countless hours . . sprinting like a little cracked out hamster in his plastic atrium ball . . going everywhere and yet in expending every ounce of energy not really able to control of the course.

Up in the Air: So this movie is what I sat down and watched last night while synonymously consuming a good portion of Haagen Daez Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream . . let's talk about that for moment

The vanilla ice cream itself flawless with chocolate chips embedded into its creamy, dreamy frozen custard. And those damn bits of cookie dough which didn't actually contain the chocolate chips and I'm willing to bet no flour. Just little decadent nuggets of brown sugar laced with vanilla - perfection. There was a day when I was a Ben & Jerry's man but since getting bought out in (I think 2000) the quality and flavors have plummeted . . for me personally - my loyalty dissipated with the eviction of my favorite flavor "rainforest crunch" a decadent brazil-cashew nut brittle ice cream. Hagen Daez remains numero uno in my book as the supreme commercial ice cream & converted many US citizens its heroin like addictive "Dulce de Leche" Kudos Hagen Daez . . no back to the movie.

So for those of you haven't seen Up in the Air I won't spoil things just touch on what resonated with me personally involving the main character Ryan played by George Clooney. Family - I have no partner, hardly participate in my nieces life let alone get their birthday cards/X-mas presents out on time . . instead, I am consumed with a business that saps every moment, every ounce of gusto, every talent, everything from me. Don't get me wrong - I love what I do but as an entrepreneur you are measured by success. And what is success? Profit, Sales, Reputation? In my opinion it is the art of duplication - delivering a quality product or service that is able to be duplicated without anyone individual and at this I must humbly admit - I have failed miserable. But like an morally centered alcoholic - I can at least recognize the issue . . just haven't graduated from the rehabilitation process. Chi Cuisine & the other business endeavors of cooking classes and such are my answer to this duplication concern as my culinary talents can be maximized in garnering profit and perhaps allowing for me to see my family, set down my cellphone, refuse my labtop and embrace a little bit of what I fighting so hard to save - life!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vinyl Dreams, Exclusive Ambitions & Simplifying

Buenos Dias,

Another gorgeous day in San Diego folks! Lots of paper pushing yesterday followed up by a tasting for a ChileCo bride with Almond encrusted Jidori Chicken & Edamame encrusted Halibut with Tahini-Soy Sauce. More paper than the Elfin Forest of Mirayabi today and with the demise of each pile . . my mind embellishes upon an ounce of clarity like a psychic rejoicing moments of silence beneath a terminally busy train station.

Vinyl Dreams: An rather odd dream this morning, restless as usually I took back up my book at 2pm and nearly finished "Cabinet of Curiosities" Drifting back off into a deeper sleep I found myself managing a record/cd store patronized by younger kids. Wishing to converse with my neighboring business I went next door leaving the music bumping in the store . . after sitting down and chatting with Cloe I realized I had left my wallet out in the store and went back to find some punks trying to make off with records. Let's just say - I didn't call the police but handled things "in house" . . interesting to say the least . . then I woke up.

Exclusive Ambitions: ChileCo is securing some really awesome venues right now and looking forward to the business model adapting to offering more than just the Socials so stay tuned!

Simplifying: Ever since drawing the Death tarot card at this past Social I have been processing and clearing way for new opportunity and thought. Refreshing these changes are. (as Yoda would say) Making the right decisions, modifying and constant adaptation are the way of the world . . or at least small business.

Have a great Wednesday,

Chef Scotty

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tot, Soar Sushi, the Perhaps . . . .

Seemingly I missed my new nickname for Sarah this week - the inspiration dawned upon me with only a few ounces of tea and rather refreshing shower - Tot. I'll have to compose the 2010 list as I think it'll be rather interesting.

Soar Sushi: Went there last night and it is quite the diamond in the rough. You have to travel to a world beyond (downtown on National avenue just down the block from the Wonderbread House in Logan Heights) . . reminds of the adventures in discovering (and rediscovering) the great Dim Sum houses in San Francisco. My favorite was down several allies and ended in a rather run down nook. You new you were there when you found the baby bok choy handing on a chained link fence that butted up against a church parking lot. Whence you arrived you descended down these steps into the old world of the Orient - no tourists as they never could have found it and much to the reluctance of the Chinese mafia - me and my posse of culinary students embarked upon numerous tastings of moonbuns, shu-mai, dumplings, potstickers, pork shanks and usually passed on the more extensively "interesting" items involving offal, reptiles,and unidentifiable fishes.

Going back to Soar - the entrance is very urban in appearance with no real identifiable sign except for a rug out front (scripted with Soar Sushi). Chef Jeff and his team prepare a sushi buffet on Mondays for $15 a person with a cash bar. The udon noodle & teriyaki chicken were superb and my staple for the evening. The sushi was good I just refuse to eat anything with fake crab henceforth my selections were limited. Beautiful koi paintings and several TV's showcasing the Monday American sports create somewhat of a mixed environment neither serene Japanese nor downtown sports bar . . this place is unique and worth checking out - hell where else are you going to find a meal like this for $15.00.

the Perhaps: perhaps my spirits are warped by the constant stress, perhaps my spirit is in desperate need of a vacation, perhaps I should swallow any self-pity and rise above the obstacles . . . but the perhaps can definitely suck! Reality here folks - I ain't no steel drum . . empty inside and yet able to recalibrate the world around me with the resonating incantations from of my soul . . moving the people around me . . . ok - so I am. But this damn drum needs a moment of serenity:)

Chef Scotty

Monday, April 5, 2010

the Return to Innocence . . .

Moved by my song of the day at the moment . . . the words seem to hit me especially after seeing my sisters little newborns yesterday and reeming out my brother-in-laws father for continually buying styrofoam cups . . seriously who buy's those damn eco-damaging cups anymore. They are disgusting to even drink out of with that wide, biteable lip. Ok - back to the words of this song (which is posted on our ChileCo facebook page) - the words talk about going back to square 1. That beautiful innocence of a child with hopes, dreams and a destiny.

I had one of those great talks with a friend on the way back home from the OC. One of those deep discussions in sharing ones life purpose - something that I've known since a wee little lad. A lot of transition, closure & refreshed beginnings has occurred in the last month and openingly accepting these changes has realligned me with that often elusive path leading towards my desired destination or destiny. It's all too easy to get swept away in conflict and chaos - misguided and unknowing of the course we are following. Often blinded by our own ignorance until at last - intervention from the cosmos knocks the wind out of us and sets us straight once again. Whatever your chosen course may be - take a deep breath, look at where your feet are planted and gaze ahead towards your future as those very feet are taking you there (if you don't like what you see - might want to search out a new path:)

Have a great Monday all,

Chef Scotty

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Blessings from Chef Scotty

Happy Easter All,

Hopefully you're enjoying a bounty of malted milk candies, artificially fluffed up marshmallow chic's coated with crystallized pink sugar and prepping that pig rump for a hearty American dinner. While the majority of our Holidays originate around principles of religion (Christianity & Pagan)and have somewhat drifted from the steeples and prayers in place of toys & candy . . . the dinner however still holds it's own merit in uniting nearly all families and individuals at the table for some home cooked grub:) Whether it's mashed potatoes or Hot Cross Buns . . enjoy each moment shared amongst loved ones.

I myself am heading up "to cook" dinner (ok - so they're getting Mexican fusion leftovers from my wedding last night)for my sister with her 4 month old twins - Lily & Logan. How in the hell did time pass that quickly - seems like just yesterday they were born.

Everyday I am fortunate for those around me, supporting me and encouraging me to be the best man, boss, friend, brother & son that I can be. Whatever the cause, no matter the reasoning . . it is the inherent belief of "goodness" that serves as my own pinnacle of purpose and it is with a genuine laugh & sincere smile that I am constantly "working on the why"

with Easter Blessings,

Chef Scotty

Saturday, April 3, 2010

18 hour workdays & chi blog a go-go!

In the beginning . . .

There was way more than just basmati rice. Ponder that phrase for a minute . . I don't know where I was going with it - random. So tell me how cool is this - I'm making a churro-baby banana split bar tonight with such epicurean accutrement as:

Rhubarb-Strawberry-n-Thai Basil Salsina
Tamarind-Pipin Apple Caramel Compote
Canela laced Mexican Chocolate Sauce
Peppercorn laced Whipped Cream
Pineapple/Kiwi/Mango Salsa & Fresh Strawberries
Molasses-Ancho candied Walnuts

Excited - I am. This is probably the first event in a longtime that I cooked everything for a client . . if only I can cook - what a wonderful world it would be! By that I mean all of the other goodies that come with a small business.

18 hour work days: Well - I'm not lazy but every so rapidly approching 34 and feeling like hippo displaced in the middle of the Sahara Dessert with solid 34 kilometers between me and the salvation source of H20. Cracked & scrambled beyond reconciliation like my mothers morning eggs (even though that was only on Holidays). But I smile . I laugh . . and I love the pride that goes into what we do, what I stand for and what makes the journey so worth while (I guess that would be profit? Haven't seen that yet but like a kid staring into the window of a candy store that closed 1 minute before arrival . . I can't wait . . always another day)

Chi Blog a go-go!: Ok . . our little family is dragging here with this blog so a little promotion. 1 season pass to the 2011 Social Season for the first person to refer 50 members to this blog . . if you get 25 members to this blog you'll receive a culinary gift package from me personally:) How about them apples!

Have a great Friday - Scotty

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tamales del Cielo, Easter Thoughts, Peace

As many of you are aware . . the name is ChileCo Catering and it is just that for a reason . . I love the balance and harmony of Chile. What an exceptional culinary component when compared to say . . okra, eggplant, banana - this little guys can add just the right touch to magnify other essential oils/arromas . . flavors in creating a more sultry dish.

Tamales: So the fusion wedding tomorrow is something of a bit of works - Mexican from scratch with things like - Blackened Salmon Mini Burritos with Cajun Dirty Rice & Blackberry-Wild Sage Coulis and Chipotle salt cured Sake Sushi with Nopale, Star Anise laced Plum Sauce and .. maybe pea shoots (haven't finished this creation yet). But let me tell you - my tamales are off the culinary chain! Squash Blossom with a squash-roasted bell & poblano chimichurri and spanky masa (boat load of spices) and then there's the braised brisket tamale . . mole poblano from scratch - to die for!

Easter Thoughts: It was my nieces Birthday Yesterday and April Fools Day - love/love/love the fool (first Tarot Card drawn at the first Social in 2008). I guess this is a time of reflection and thanks for what life brings us on a daily basis. While I haven't made it to Church in a long time - I was raised a catholic boy and performed as an alterboy (hard to imagine I know!). Get off the tosh and make those colored eggs with the kids - I'm going to see my sisters newborns and cook up some family style grub.

Peace: Peace of mind - the ultimate search within ones soul and sharing that enriched understanding of oneself with the world. Let's make it a better one shall we!

with Culinary Blessings,

Chef Scotty

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Urban Solace, Rejuvenation & Computer Funk

It's AM and I released the gravitational pull and gift of bed at 5:48AM . . good sign that Scotty is getting back on track:)

So last night I opted somewhat willingly to pass on my date (with an extraordinary individual) and instead dine with my employee and his visiting WA parents at Urban Solace. Now - I'm always asked the question: what are you favorites spots to dine and quite honestly I don't get out as much as I would like . . but this joint (executive Chef Matt) always and I mean always delivers!

Urban Solace: We started off with some of their signature biscuits, flaky/buttery every so decadent slathered with a well deserved chunk of butter. I opted to try a cup of the Soup du Jour - Parsnip and while delicious it every aspect . . I actually prefer my vegetable based soups to remain just that in showcasing the elemental bliss and true nature - in this case: Parsnip. My guests enjoyed a Flat Iron Steak with Smoked Tomato Jam, Matt's infamous Chicken & Dumplings and a Jidori Chicken Breast with Caramelized Brussel Sprouts . . as for me - I ventured onto a new selection: Bacon wrapped Idaho Trout stuffed with Spinach & Shrooms. The asparagus was grilled/cooked more than my liking but the trout was amazing and totally fresh . .and lets face it - bacon makes everything better:) The service and staff was exceptional as always - Thanks Matt & team Urban Solace (go check it out on 30th & University)

Rejuvenation: rain and me getting into a rthymn as I read before bed each night, waking up earlier, posting my "songbird" my "culinary word of the day" and writing this blog:) While I might not have as much time on my hands as desired - I becoming whole again amongst all these crazy business adventures.

Computer Funk: This damn piece of crap computer - tried cleaning it myself (something I shouldn't do that is going to control panel and wiping it's PC ass of programs that I don't have a clue what the are!) Why do I have an IT guy that can't handle his cookies when it comes to this computers . . slow, very . . verrrry sloooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww.

Till Manana,